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Richard's Remarks


Thank God for newsletters. Without them we'd never know what is going on. Newsletters are not part of the government or of the reigning establishment, which is one reason people subscribe to them. Take Jim Cook of Investment Rarities, for instance, and I quote below --


Inflation is a dishonest act on the part of the government. We are in the midst of the greatest monetary crime ever known. We are impoverishing ourselves and most especially those who cannot afford financial distress. The dire consequences are beyond anything your imagination can conjure up. It will be the greatest collapse, the greatest crisis and the greatest punishment in history.


And the Russell comment -- One unusual aspect of living as long as I have is that I can remember what life was like before America went off the gold standard and headlong into the fiat money standard. You see, I remember when a nickel ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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