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Richard's Remarks


Politics, money and sex. Hillary Clinton now gets $200,000 per speech. Since 2001, Bill and Hillary have pulled in $100 million giving speeches. Now we have ex-governor Elliot Spitzer (caught with high-priced prostitutes) running for office again, this time for Controller of New York. And there's Anthony Weiner, running for mayor of NYC, after having sent lewd pictures of his privates on Twitter. But San Diego is not far behind. Our mayor, Bob Filner, has been accused of fondling his staff members. Filner announced that, "I need help, I'm a hugger," but we'll see how much his grab-ass tactics affect his followers.





Late Notes -- Market ended mixed with the Dow and DIAs up. But Transports did not rise with the Dow -- they diverged down 62 points. This signifies that the market is cautious and has something on its mind. I never like it when the Averages don't agree. My guess ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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