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Richard's Remarks


Today is my 89th birthday (89 is a Fibonacci number, and this is going to be a very different site).


When we look up at the stars, we seem to see a great circle of around 12,000 miles or more. This is the Zodiac, which for thousands of years has been divided by man into twelve ages. What is the meaning of the Zodiac? The great genius, metaphysician Emmet Fox, writes as follows, "To answer that, we must answer other questions. What is the real reason we are here? What is the real reason mankind is here? Is there a reason or a pattern for it all? And if so, what is it? We are here to learn the truth of being. We are here to become self-conscious, self-governed entities, focal points of the Divine Mind, each expressing God in a new way. That is the object of our experience, the only ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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