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Strebler's Perspective




What do you think about gold?” In all of the conversations between Mr. Russell and me over the last four decades, this one question inevitably pops up. It tells you two things about my friend Richard: First, that he is a passionate follower of, and believer in, gold. But second, that he is open-minded enough to consider other opinions, and that he has valued my views on gold over the years. However, this often puts me at odds with my friend, as I do not always share his enthusiasm for gold to the same degree


So in a way, I’m kind of DTL’s “honest broker” when it comes to gold; someone who knows the story thoroughly, yet can be objective about its shorter-term (mostly technical) outlook. To his great credit, Mr. Russell allows my opinions as a reasonable counter-balance to his enthusiasm for the bullish story in gold. Our conflicting opinions ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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