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Richard's Remarks


I told you to sit tight with your gold. But perhaps you sold it, and paid your taxes. Now you're out, and you may want to get back into gold. At what point should you enter? Who knows, it's your call -- you just have to close your eyes, and place your order. Would you have been better off sitting with your gold? Probably, but who knows. In a bull market, you stay with your initial purchases, you don't trade them; you stay with them until the item climbs deep into its third, speculative "blow off" phase, and that's where you swap your items for cash.


Cash -- Below, the fading US dollar -- once the ultimate safe haven. Alas, thanks to the Fed, cash is losing its purchasing power.





Yeah, I know, this market has been rigged by the Bernanke Federal Reserve, and inflation is a lot higher than what we've been ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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