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Richard's Remarks


Price, price, the beloved, super-important price. Talk is cheap. Hearsay is cheap. Talk is mostly gossip -- what I care about above all is -- price. Price is the thing that cuts through all the garbage and noise. In point and figure charting, only price is used. Hearsay is eliminated, hopes and wishes are eliminated, time is eliminated, rumors are eliminated -- theories and hopes and despair are eliminated. The theory in P&F is that price takes into consideration -- time, volume -- EVERYTHING.


I receive about two dozen various advisories each week. All of them are written by hard-working men and women. Of the two dozen, roughly three-quarters of them are predicting catastrophe "some time" in the future. A few say "it" will happen this year, most of the others predict disaster "within five years." All believe our future will be a severe case of brutal depression or a disastrous ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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