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Richard's Remarks


It's ridiculous. Investing today has been reduced to trying to figure out what a professor from Dillon, South Carolina is thinking. The absurdity -- bad news is good news because bad news means that the Bernanke Fed will continue to save us by spewing out Federal Reserve notes at the rate of a trillion clams a year. Good news is questionable news, because the news (propaganda) today is so slanted that nobody believes anything coming from the Fed or the government. How about no news? No news is ominous because no news suggests that the government is hiding something, and what could that "something" be? Could it be more and wider surveillance or higher taxes or confiscation of assets? Stop the planet, I want to get off!


So what's a poor investor to do? Here's an idea -- Avoid doing something stupid. Sit on your hands and await developments. It's a topsy-turvy ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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