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Richard's Remarks


"In a bear market everyone loses, and the winner is he who loses the least." Richard Russell.


I want to make this clear. I have presented my theoretical scenario, but my scenario is certainly not a guarantee of accuracy. In the end, I go by what the market is doing, and what I believe the market is telling me. If market facts change, I change. I'm always trying to construct a scenario based on the latest "market language," as I interpret it.


For instance, if the Dow, the Transportation Average, the S&P, GDOW and bonds all break out to new highs on increasing volume, then the markets will be telling me that we will be enjoying good times for a least the next six months to maybe a year out.


But barring such a bullish series of events, I'll stick to my scenario of deflation, deleveraging and hard times ahead. You see, for me ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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