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Strebler's Perspective


15 Million U.S. Dollars


That’s how much the U.S. paid for the purchase of “Louisiana” back in 1803. $15 million for 828,000 sq. miles, about one-third of our 48 contiguous states’ current size. At less than 3 cents per acre, the Louisiana Purchase was surely one of history’s great bargains.


I’m a big fan of the Lewis and Clark Expedition that was so closely linked to the Louisiana Purchase. The expeditionary force started off with about 12 tons of supplies, was made up of 45 people and covered 7,689 miles over a 2 year, 4 month period. It brought the first white men to many parts of North America, and changed forever the course of the United States of America – not to mention the fate of its original inhabitants. All for about $42,000.


$15 million. What will that buy today? I think about that every time I hear that 50 ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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