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Richard's Remarks


(There's no law that states that Strebler and I have to agree) -- Russell


The trillion dollar question that nobody (so far) is asking. Is it a primary bear market or is it just a mild correction? I laid out my reasons for thinking that it "could be" a primary bear market -- or at least the remainder of the bear market that began in 2007. Remember, the bear market started in 2007 but then in came our saviors, Bennie and the Feds, with their QE. This interrupted the primary bear market at the 2009 low. Along came the huge post-crash recovery, and now we just may be in the resumption of the primary bear market.


But is this really a continuation of the bear market? Honestly, there is absolutely no way of knowing at present. My own way of not finding out is to be on the sidelines. If it's a ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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