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Richard's Remarks


What to do? I've never had such an overwhelming feeling that the cards are stacked against us, the retail or "nonprofessional" investors. The bond market is held up by the Fed. The stock market is levitated by the Fed's QE. The gold market is rigged by big banks and an assortment of manipulators. The art and jewelry markets are owned by the world's billionaires. Farm land is owned by the wealthy. So again, what do we do? Or what should we do?


One thing we can do is side with the Federal Reserve and get in the stock market with a position in the Diamonds (DIAs). Or we can buy and hold physical gold, and hide it in a very secret place. We can stay away from bonds and anything else that is extremely sensitive to interest rates. Or last and surely the easiest on our nerves, we can sit on the ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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