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Richard's Remarks


I sit down in front of my computer (not a tablet), and I wonder what to write about. I am aware of what Chris Martenson has been saying, and I can't argue with his scary scenario.


I've drawn a one-year chart of the Dow, and I see that the Dow has violated the long rising trendline that has formed in this year. So what should I do with my investments and my life? As far as investments, the only thing I own is gold, and, despite Warren Buffett, I'm going to sit with that until I'm a hundred and four. I grew up during the Great Depression, and Louise Hay notes that what you lived with during your early years, you tend to recreate and feel at home with in your later life. OK, so I feel at home with nickel ice cream cones and nickel subway rides, and nickel Sunday newspapers ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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