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Strebler's Perspective


“...there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues


Eddie Cochran and his manager wrote the words to the classic Summertime Blues in 1958, when it first became a rock-a-billy hit. Artists from Olivia Newton-John to Alan Jackson to the Beach Boys covered the song over the years, but none so well as The Who or Blue Cheer, both of which breathed real life into the tune. If you were born before 1940 or so, maybe you consider Classic Rock an oxymoron. But I’m guessing that still leaves many DTL readers nodding in agreement with me.


Summertime’s near magical appeal goes back countless millennia, as it’s the time of plenty, of growth, and in more recent times, of play. Summers at the lake, at the beach, in the mountains, on cross-country and overseas trips, sleeping in the hammock or just sleeping in late ... warm, beautiful summer! So why not just “sell ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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