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Richard's Remarks


Is there any way of getting the God's honest truth regarding what's happening in the markets? It seems as though we've entered the "Age of propaganda and the big lie." The stock market and the bond market are being manipulated by the Bernanke Fed. The CPI has been turned into an outright lie by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


And gold, or I should say "paper gold," is manipulated nightly by whoever is dumping those gold futures. So far, the manipulations of paper gold have not completely screwed up the price of actual physical gold. And here's an e-mail from a subscriber in Singapore who is telling the real story of gold, first hand. It seems as though physical gold is being gobbled up by gold-philes all over the world.



Dear Russell and Company,


Yesterday, after reading your comments about gold being manipulated in the crudest way, I went to a bank in ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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