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Richard's Remarks


I had a strange night. My dreams were a hodgepodge of fighting, mixed-up and incomprehensible messages, and flashes of color. I fell asleep watching Bloomberg TV, which may have been the problem.


I had been reading Chris Martenson's book, The Crash Course, and I guess I was thinking of whether I was fated to spend my 90s in a land of chaos and confusion. Then I thought of son Ryan's sustainable farm in Anderson Valley, north of San Francisco. Ryan has built a large house and an adjoining kitchen on a large plot of land (30 acres), and it is there that he has made a home. He has his own water well, electricity, heating, and even TV. Ryan grows masses of every kind of vegetable. This year he is planting about 50 varieties of fruit trees. He also has chickens. Ry has built a chain-link fence around a large piece ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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