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Richard's Remarks


Has Richard Russell lost his marbles? Why do you ask? Well, for one thing look at the chart below. The chart shows that 74.81% of the stocks on the NYSE are trading above their sensitive 50-day moving averages. That's a bullish picture. So is there anything that's worrying Russell?


There is one item -- It's the old market adage that tells us that "No tree grows to the sky." Or when everything is perfect, it can't get any better. Or "buy high and sell higher," always a risky policy. In the meantime, those subscribers who hold the DIAs might as well keep holding. Though I'm a bit bothered by the stock market action. There's just too much complacency regarding a market that has doubled in price without so much as a 10% correction.





Below, Barclays 20+ year Treasury bond fund.





The Dow and the Transports have both surged to new record highs. It seems ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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