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Strebler's Perspective


What’s the right thing to do, the proper investment procedure (or PIP), in a mature bull market? If you got in years earlier, it’s pretty easy to hold on until a definitive sell signal. With the current Dow Industrials, the point & figure chart “count” of 17,200 mentioned awhile back remains a reasonable, if somewhat fuzzy, target. There still may be quite a bit of money to be made in U.S. stocks, and thus a reason to hang in there.


With big profits on paper but the market very over-valued, early investors may want to sell half of their stocks and lock in those profits. A nice profit transferred to their bank account, but still able to benefit from further market advances. Yet, if the market were to crash, that guy comes out with a big profit on half his investments, and a decent profit on the rest. He (or she!) is ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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