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Daria Russell Doering


Family News 


Richard’s first wife and my mother, Connie Russell, comes with her caregiver to visit Richard every day. They spend several companionable hours together, not talking much, but enjoying each other’s company. Connie has Alzheimer’s, and while her recent memory does not work very well, she retains the essence of herself. She knows who we all are (with a little help), and is very sweet, funny and usually appropriate. And if Richard is grouchy with her, she has no problem slapping him into his place! She hasn’t forgotten how to do that!


Well, the reason I started on this subject is actually a medical one. Connie had what looked almost like a wart that suddenly appeared between her nose and upper lip. It was unsightly, but felt like the least of our problems, so I let it slide. Then Connie started complaining that she didn’t like the way it looked, so I ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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