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Strebler's Perspective


What is going on at Dow Theory Letters? That’s a great question….

People who know him well describe Richard Russell using a variety of adjectives, but warm and fuzzy and diplomatic aren’t normally among them. Richard has always been his own man, spoken his mind directly, and that’s both the good news and the bad news of who he is. When he first took me under his wing nearly 40 years ago, at first it was because of my work ethic, later because I could quickly grasp the concepts he taught me, but finally because I also was direct, and didn’t try to bullshit him. So in the spirit of outspokenness that we share…..

Dow Theory Letters is morphing – into exactly what, nobody’s quite sure. Richard’s ways of looking at and writing about the markets have changed in recent years. Meanwhile, he’s brought me on board to help with the writing, and ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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