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Richard's Remarks


Today's investors are in a most unusual position. I say that because I believe we are close to witnessing and living through some of the greatest and momentous changes in world economic history. It will be, historically, tantamount to those of us who fought and lived through World War II.


The two biggest items in America's economy are (1) Federal Reserve notes, which we laughingly call "dollars." These notes currently serve as the world's reserve currency. (2) The US bond market, by far the single biggest securities system on the planet -- it includes trillions of dollars worth of Treasuries, corporate and municipal bonds, and various other debt securities.


It is my opinion that within the next year or possibly two years, the dollar will lose its reserve currency status, and the US bond market will crash, taking the stock market with it. I include below a chart of the US dollar -- ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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