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Richard's Remarks


Just announced, the leading economic indicators turned "unexpectedly" down in March. I believe that very shortly, we will be told "the US is back in recession." This will set Bernanke back on his heels and his reaction will be "an acceleration of quantitative easing (QE).”


It is important to remember, this bear market will not take stocks down in one straight-line plunge. Stocks will decline erratically over the years with many alternate rallies and declines. 


Europe is currently in recession, and I believe China will be next. Germany and France, the two strongest nations in Europe, will shortly be in recessions. Within a matter of months, we will be going into a worldwide economic slump. Because the Fed interrupted the bear market for a period of almost four years, the deterioration in the economy will now be speeded up.


Yesterday, the percentage of NYSE issues (see chart below) that are trading above their 50-day ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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