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Another Perspective


As Richard wrote about on Friday, we both recently had the great privilege and pleasure of hosting a visit by futurist Chris Martenson. I enjoyed participating in a truly profound conversation between Chris, his associates, and Richard. I thought Richard’s subscribers might be interested in further highlights of this visit, and some background on Chris Martenson.


Chris Martenson is a fascinating guy who earned a PhD in pathology and toxicology from Duke University, and spent time as a practicing scientist. Then he decided to change direction, got an MBA from Cornell, and worked his way up to becoming vice president at defense giant SAIC. He was “living the good life” with his wife and three children in Connecticut, and watching his fortunes grow, until they suddenly faltered in 2002. His broker could not offer any satisfactory explanations, so Chris put his scientific and financial mind to work on investigating the economy. What ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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