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Strebler's Perspective

Gold -- The surest action in the market is the automatic recovery following a crash. Yesterday gold did actually crash. I now expect gold to embark on a partial recovery of the ground lost during the crash. After the recovery, I expect to see gold settle back to some extent. Gold should then start to build a base for a further advance. The construction of the base will take weeks, possibly even months. If the gold bull market is still in force (and I think it is), I expect gold, once the base is completed, to make an irregular run for the highs of over 1900.




Strebler's Perspective --

“Do you own a lot of gold?” Richard asked me the other day. "Not nearly as much as you, but yeah, I have a fair amount,” I replied. Actually, the amount I own varies a lot over time. When the market’s going ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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