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Richard's Remarks


Yesterday I had a most interesting and educational visit from Chris Martenson and friends. Chris has written a book titled, The Crash Course, The Unsustainable Future of our Economy. Chris has material on the Net that should not be missed.


Chris talks about our economic system, and makes the case that somewhere ahead our economic system will come crashing down. Wait, I shouldn't say crashing. Chris sees the system either going into high inflation or hyperinflation and default. I agree with Chris, and if you read his book you'll see that his logic is unassailable.


My own thinking is that the Fed's program of avoiding economic collapse is fatally flawed. My opinion is that it's not a matter of whether the Fed's plans will fail -- but it's a matter of when.


Right now we are seeing the stock market "melting up" on an ocean of Fed-created liquidity. The Fed's policy of buying $85 ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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