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Richard's Remarks


I guess my industry is suffering, because I was just offered the opportunity to take over another veteran market advisory (more about this at a later date). I've been writing about the markets since 1958, and amazingly, I'm still at it.


Most of the time, the stock market serves as a valuable barometer of business and commerce. Which is why William Peter Hamilton, the great Dow Theorist (he was Dow's understudy and an editor of the WSJ) called his famous book, The Stock Market Barometer. Yesterday I showed Dr. Copper looking tired and sagging.


But despite all, the stock market has been surging. What does the stock market know that we don't? The stock market knows that it can rise on an unprecedented ocean of liquidity. The Bernanke Fed has embarked on a plan that is calculated to produce prosperity forever -- with no intermissions for correction or cleansing. I liken it ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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