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Richard's Remarks

I'm still waiting to see whether the D-J Industrial Average or the Transport Average will advance to a new high. And if one or the other Average does advance to a new high, will it be confirmed by the other Average? I must say that this "interference" by the Federal Reserve messes up the market and makes it far more difficult to read. In all my years of "reading" the market, I've never encountered anything like the hodge-podge of the last year. If I had my way, I'd punish Bernanke by forcing him to write a daily comment on the stock market.

As of today, the bulls clearly have the upper hand. The stock market has had every opportunity to head lower, but the market has turned up its nose at the bears.

I use David Stockman as the torch-bearer for the bears and the pessimists. And even Stockman hesitates to place ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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