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Strebler's Perspective



 There are two main schools when it comes to evaluating investment markets. Fundamental analysis is about studying things like the news, supply and demand data, talking to insiders, and anything else that gives one an idea about a company’s future production, sales, and profitability. The same general philosophy is used in looking at the market as a whole, e.g. the Dow Industrials or the Hang Seng Index, currencies, and commodities such as gold. The general idea is that if you get more and higher quality information, before the other guys, and analyze it better, then you’ll know where prices are headed and make a lot of money.

I try to be realistic, so I don’t do a lot of fundamental market analysis. To win at that game one must assume that they can do those things better, faster, and smarter than the market itself, which ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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