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Late Notes

Furthermore, after thinking it over, I believe I can do a better job for my subscribers if I have no ax (stocks) to grind. Therefore, as I write this I am free and easy with just my gold.. One last thought -- we don't know what may be coming up, so remember those mental stop losses. Don't allow a small loss to grow into a whale, one that leaves you near-broke.

Yesterday ended up as a broad but shallow down-day. Of the 19 indices and averages that I follow, only Japan, Taiwan and Australia ended up. The worst performances were Italy (down 2.50%) and Spain (down 2.27%). So what are we to make of yesterday's action? Right now -- not much. It's what happens AFTER the first market dip that is important. The markets are like a detective story. We can't tell the ending after reading the first paragraph.

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