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Richard's Remarks


At any time in history, there is a great and all-encompassing THEME. And I've wondered what the theme of today could be -- what is the great theme of our times? I grew up in different times during the '30s and 40s. The theme of my youth was -- stop the dictators, Hitler and Mussolini, from taking over the world.


This is what I believe the theme of our times is. We are in a period where the "haves" are determined to hold on to their positions in the world. The "haves" include the world's leaders and politicians, and the world's "masters of the earth," which includes those who control the world's money.


Those who control the money make the rules, and their main aim is to remain in power. Currently, the various central banks control the creation and the issuance of money. To ensure that they remain in power, the central banks are ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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