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Richard's Remarks


 USA Today newspaper always captures the mood and sentiment of the times. Today USA starts with the headline, "Markets Have Gone Mad, Too." And then the first paragraph -- "New York Forget about college hoops, Wall Street is living through its own March Madness as investors wonder if they'll win or lose betting on --or against --a stock market that is on a tear and trading at record highs....The Federal Reserve looms over the levitating market. The Fed's easy money policies are considered a key fuel behind the market's record-setting recovery."



On his achievements, Lance Armstrong looked great. Here was a man who had beaten cancer and was now winning international bike races. Fabulous, except for one thing -- Lance was secretly using drugs as enhancers. Overnight, nobody believed Lance or trusted him.


Let's take it to another world. Today we have the only manipulated "bull market" that I have ever seen. A ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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