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Richard's Remarks


I believe we are past the early, jagged, up and down part of the Dow advance from its new record high. With the Dow in new all-time high ground almost daily, this should provide the background for bullish raves about the stock market each time the Dow records a new all-time high. Such publicity is bound to bring in an increasing number of the retail public -- as well as putting tremendous pressure on the shorts.


Thus I would expect this advance to gather upside momentum and to become smoother as we move along.


I see that government regulators are investigating the pricing of gold. Seems some of the overseas banks are indulging in hanky panky with gold. Ye gads, can we believe any pricing for anything these days? With the Fed manipulating the stock market and the economy and now a "group of banks" messing around with the gold price, what's left ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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