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Richard's Remarks


 The gathering storm -- Excerpts from an article in the current (Mar. 18) Christian Science Monitor magazine. "Interest in these glittery investments -- which soared five years ago -- has been especially hot this year. In January, the US mint sold 7.5 million American Eagle silver bullion coins to dealers -- a monthly high and not far from the 9.9 million American Eagle silver coins it sold in all of 2007. Demand was so strong that the mint temporarily ran out of supplies and had to suspend sales for roughly ten days. In addition, sales of American Eagle gold bullion coins hit highs not seen since June, 2010."


"We've been seeing a massive interest in precious metals," says Terry Hanlon, president of the firm, Gage Metals, in Dallas. His firm is one of the authorized purchasers of the federal government's bullion. Except for a few special coins designed for collectors, the US ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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