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Richard's Remarks


The smartest item I read in this week's Barron's was an opening sentence to an article that starts -- "The tape is reality, the rest is noise." And great balls of fire, was there ever a lot of noise in the pages of Barron's. Everybody's guessing and wondering about whether the Dow will surge to a new record high above its 2007 peak of 14,164.53. And honestly, your guess is as good as mine.


What the heck, after reading through Barron's thoroughly, I came away no wiser than I had been when I started. So what do I think will happen in the great Dow debate? I'm just going to refer to my old PTI. As of Friday, my PTI was at an all-time high of 6478. The moving average of my PTI was at a record high of 6439. That means that my PTI was a respectable distance of 39 points ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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