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Richard's Remarks


Yesterday the fluctuating Dow annoyed us again by bouncing around all day, and ending the day with the crowning insult -- down 20 points at the close with the Transports up 3.98 and the NASDAQ down 2.07.


I note that the big number Dow advances have come while the Dow was below its record high, and then annoyingly just when we needed a few big advancing numbers to take the Dow to new record highs, the market hesitated and we ended up with a minus Dow number -- minus 20 which showed up at yesterday's market close.


Thus, right up to the end, this market has been a puzzle and has kept us guessing. But what about sequestration, which enters the picture at today's close? What, me worried? The widely advertised fiscal cliff was supposed to bring down the US economy. Then Congress let the date go by, and the US is still ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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