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Daria Russell Doering


My Take on Apple, or “Where Can You Get Some Help These Days?”


Yesterday a visiting friend of my father's mentioned that he is buying a small quantity of Apple stock every time it goes down a point and a half. That led to a discussion of Apple’s future, and our feelings about this tech behemoth.


I switched to Mac two years ago, after 25 years of being a PC user, being persuaded by my two younger children, then aged 15 and 18. Son, Jake, assured me that I would be happier, virus-free, and things would just work better in every way with Apple. He also told me the amusing story that at his university, UCLA, virtually every student there has the identical MacBook Pro laptop. Jake is a wise kid and I finally decided to take his advice. I also figured I would be "different" and get the larger "15" model ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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