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Richard's Remarks


There's something weird and fantastic about this market. Day after day the Dow creeps higher, but it still has not bettered its 2007 record high. As I analyze it, the Dow's taking too many sessions to make it to new highs. Maybe that's just my intuition, but I believe the Dow should have made it to new record highs a few weeks ago. As I write, the Dow is just 139 points below its 2007 record high. It seems to me that with many funds at new highs, the Dow should hit a new record high within the next week or so -- that is, unless something is wrong. But I'm an optimist, so I think the Dow "should" be at a new record high by the end of next week!! We'll see!!


Yes, many funds have made new all-time highs, but this includes their dividends. When we talk about Dow levels, ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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