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Richard's Remarks


The central banks of the world are on a mission to keep the world economy going.


A great bull market started in 1980. It ended in 2007, a period of 27 years. As such, it was, in duration, the longest bull market in US history. A bear market started in October 2007. Bear markets tend to last from one-half to one-third as long as the preceding bull market. On that basis, the bear market that started in 2007 might be expected to continue for at least nine years (one-third of 27) or until 2016.


However, the Central banks, and certainly President Obama, have attempted to halt the bear market and thus continue the prosperity we have enjoyed ever since World War II. As proof of the Fed's success, I would expect both the D-J Transportation and Industrial Averages to advance to new highs, thereby signaling that the tide had reversed to bullish ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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