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Richard's Remarks


 Question -- Russell, I've just inherited one hundred thousand dollars. What should I do with it?"


My answer -- I'd put one-third of it in the Permanent Portfolio fund (PRPFX).


I'd put another third in the PIMCO Total Return ETF. And I'd keep the last third in cash.


Seasoned investors are not in love with the current bond or stock markets. The reason is that they know the markets are "rigged" or manipulated.


For instance, at present the Federal Reserve is --


(1) Manipulating the bond market by buying $85 billion worth of bonds a month.


(2) Manipulating interest rates -- keeping rates low -- by buying bonds, thereby boosting the price of bonds, which in turn, pressures interest rates to lower levels.


(3) By keeping rates low, the Fed is manipulating (pressuring) investors by forcing them to buy stocks (in buying stocks investors hope to capture dividends and at the same time create profits through rising ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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