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Richard's Remarks


I have stated that we are in the bullish six months of the year (typically November - April) and will be in that bullish six months until the end of April. We also had a bullish January, which, in the past, has indicated that the rest of the year should be bullish. The Fed is printing like mad in an effort to keep the economy "above water." If so, you ask, "then why aren't interest rates rising?" I've stated that the Fed can continue to print until the bond market "says it can't." Then, you ask, what's holding the bond market up?


Here again it's the Fed. The Fed is buying $85 billion worth of bonds a month in its game of not allowing bonds to decline and not allowing interest rates to rise. The whole manipulated situation has forced investors to move into the stock market. The current low VIX ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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