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Richard's Remarks


At times NOT LOSING money and not losing purchasing power puts you ahead of the game. Many months ago I recommended the Permanent Portfolio (invented by my late friend, Harry Browne) as a reasonably safe and intelligent place to store your money. Actually, as you can see via the chart below, the Permanent Portfolio (PRPFX) has worked out quite well. If you had bought PRPFX when I recommended it, you would now be either ahead, or if you had bought it at its peak you would now be showing only a very small loss. If you had bought it during November or December, you would be showing a gain.







PIMCO's Total Return fund or ETF is another place to park your money. This is an ETF which yields 1.91%. Its record is shown below. I like PIMCO and I like co-CEOs Bill Gross and Mohamad El-Erian.







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