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Richard's Remarks


According to market lore, the months between now and May tend, historically,. to be bullish months.

The six months following May tend to be bearish months.


The month of January, 2013, was a winner, and according to Yale Hirsch (he edits the Stock Trader's Almanac) if January is an "up month" the odds are that the rest of the year will also be "up."


As I read the quote at he beginning os this site, I relate it to the FACT of the US's debt. This is a situation that can never be solved honestly -- it's a fact. A fact that our children or our grandchildren will have to cope with. How they cope with it will set the course of the world of tomorrow.



Newspaper or magazine headlines seldom get it right, but courageous Barron's keeps trying. The cover of this week's Barron's shouts in large red letters -- STOCK ALERT! ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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