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Richard's Remarks


There are times when I'm tempted to say, "Don't do something, just stand there." Yes, and this is one of those times. Mark Twain once wrote that during those times when he had a lot of leasure and did nothing, those were often the times when he learned the most. I'll second that thought. There's nothing wrong with relaxing, doing little or nothing, and allowing yourself time to think.


I believe the stock market is locked into a wide trading range. I don't believe most pros have fixed and any definite ideas regarding where this market is going. My own intuition, and that's all it is, intuition -- is that the market will drift aimlessly about for a while (Dow up 50, Dow down 50, Dow up 50), but that it will find support at the Dow 12,000 level with even more reliable support at the Dow 10,356 level.


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