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Richard's Remarks


Bill Gross is one of the smartest guys in this industry. Thus, I suggest that we all take the headline below seriously.

Bill Gross: Inflation Coming Soon to a Country Near You

In a recent, rather scary piece, bond king, William Hunt Gross, better known as Bill Gross, stated that investors can expect inflation to play significantly into their returns in coming years. Actually, Gross stated that he believes the average return on a nominal basis will fall around zero. Gross's argument covers a long history of both stocks and bonds and compares the past to the present." (from


Question -- Russell, I read what you wrote about China on yesterday's site, and it froze my blood. I'm not disputing what you wrote, but my question is -- if what you wrote is true, why isn't everybody on Wall Street and in Washington DC worried sick?

Answer -- First of all, I doubt if ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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