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Richard's Remarks

My daughter, Daria Russell Doering, is now manager of Dow Theory Letters. Because of this, I want her to learn as much about the stock market as possible. In starting, I've given her a collection of studies by E. George Schaefer. When I first became interested in the market, I studied what Schaefer wrote intently. Schaefer was a brilliant market analyst. He called the bull market that started in 1949 perfectly. As I became more interested in the stock market, I visited the economic section of the great New York Public Library daily, and I borrowed every book on the stock market that I could find. I read book after book, and nothing impressed me. Finally, I received a copy of Dow Theory Comment, an advisory written by the great Robert Rhea. This finally rang a bell in my mind. Rhea was an accomplished reader of the averages. He called the ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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