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Richard's Remarks

Dennis Gartman's opinion regarding owning a home; and I tend to agree with Dennis: "We have never been believers that a home is an investment; it is merely something to keep the rain off. A house is a sink hole into which money is poured."


Notes on Russia with a bow to The Sovereign Investor.


During 1941 to 1945, Russia suffered almost 30 million deaths as it confronted Hitler's Nazi invaders. 130 years earlier, Napoleon invaded Russia. The Russians burned Moscow to the ground, leaving Napoleon and his army to face the horrors of a Russian winter. When Hitler invaded Russia in 1941 he chose the worst winter in 100 years, the temperature dropped to minus 40 degrees, catching the German armies in their summer uniforms. As usual, the Russians retreated, leaving millions of Germans to die or starve to death in that ghastly sub-zero Russian winter.


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