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Richard's Remarks


GDP was up 4% in the second quarter. That was good news, but what does it mean when the stock market sells off on good news? It means that the stock market is using the "good news" as an excellent time to cut down on market exposure. Or it means that the stock market doesn't believe the announced "good news." As usual, the GDP numbers will be revised in coming weeks.


Below we see oil dropping below $100. It looks like deflation is holding the US and world economies in its grip.






On another subject, I again extol the virtues of the Christian Science Monitor Magazine. The CSMM explains the mysteries behind the headlines. I know of no other publication that does this, and personally, I am not a Christian scientist (although my grandmother was).


Again let me praise the virtues of holding silver and gold. Daily I receive advisories in the mail listing ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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