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Richard's Remarks


These are four of the biggest threats to the bull market. According to Hugh Johnson Advisors, first is the threat of oil skyrocketing over the turmoil in the middle east, and natural gas prices soaring as Russia retaliates over US and European trade sanctions. Number two, the interest rates surging as the Fed continues it's tapering activities. The third threat is that the housing recovery drops dead. This could happen if fixed rates for 30 year mortgages rise above 5% by early next year. The next threat would be a stock market melt-up against the possibility of an unexpected jump in US growth, in which case investors who are sitting on the sidelines could panic about missing out on the action and decide to jump in as the market reaches crazy heights. This could create a dangerous bubble as the exploding market becomes a bubble, leaving all thoughts of earning behind. ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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