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Richard's Remarks


I wanted this Monday site as simple as possible. The first chart is a weekly arithmetic chart of gold. The four rising bottoms speak of accumulation.




This next chart shows the D-J Industrials climbing up a five-year rising trendline. The key here is that the Dow must hold above 17,000 -- or it will have fallen below the trendline.






Over the years I've talked about the great need for and scarcity of water. But it's only been recently that water ETFs were available. The chart below shows a water ETF that's had a long upside run. PHO is overbought at present, but on any extended sell-off I think PHO is worth buying.





I include ITA, the aerospace and defense ETF, as an example of a popular ETF which is overbought and appears ready to correct. In our modern but primitive world, two phenomena are certain -- war and inflation. The most expensive thing ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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