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Richard's Remarks


Today is my 90th birthday. And with your approval, I'm taking the day off. (ed. -- well, not completely, as you can see!). But God willing, I'll be back tomorrow and the rest of the week.


The US may continue to despise gold. However, according to the World Gold Council, for the year ending at the conclusion of the first quarter of 2014, China bought 1,158 tonnes of gold compared to Thailand's approximately 135 tonnes, Vietnam's 100 tonnes, Indonesia's 70 tonnes, Hong Kong's 55, Japan's 30, S. Korea's 20 and Taiwan's 17. China's gold demand was 2.7 times that of these other Asian countries in aggregate (above courtesy of Dennis Gartman).


From Barton Biggs, in Wealth, War and Wisdom:


Equity markets are wise. The investor crowd has great intuitive wisdom. Stock markets, in their long run judgments, are the perfect, dispassionate, separately but directly motivated crowd. Disregard the ranting and raving of the ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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