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Richard's Remarks


As if there weren't enough world problems in Ukraine, Israel and China, now we suddenly have a minor "black swan" event, which I will call a "gray swan." Suddenly a passenger plane with 295 people aboard is shot down over Ukrainian skies. "Who did it? Why did they do it? And who's responsible?" Questions and more questions, and so far no definite answers.


At any hint of a war, the precious metals come to life. Below we see GLD in a cup and handle formation, surging high from its handle.





GDXJ below rises in line with other gold miners.





Below, the D-J Composite isn't worried and remains climbing above it's rising trendline.





GDOW, composed of 250 assorted major international corporations, doesn't seem to be worried about Israel or the Ukraine. So I call this the "Teflon bull market."






And I think to myself -- Maybe, just maybe, the world has become civilized. Maybe matters will ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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